The Winner Is…

And the winner of last weeks competition is…

HUGE congratulations to Alice Cooper the winner of my children’s mini shoot giveaway. Alice came up with two ideas, both of which appealed to me. Peter Pan or Wind in the Willows.

Peter Pan would work great for boys on their own, or if there is a little fairy too and Wind in the Willows could incorporate a more animal theme for little ones who still sit on the ground.

Some of my other favourite ideas were, Red Indians, Robin Hood, Elves, Wizards, Woodland Animals, Country Farm Style and many more.

I am now in the process of buying some new props for my collection, so all you will need to do is clothe your children appropriately for the style you would like.

If you would like a children’s themed mini session, these are £200 for 45 minutes and include 5 digital images. You can find out more here.

Summer mini shoots will be best taken in Woodland like Everdon Stubbs where there is plenty of shade. We are having lovely weather so far this summer, but the sun plays havoc with photographs. Casting dark shadows under eyes and blowing out highlights.

Squinting is an issue to when the sun is beating down.

I shouldn’t complain, but as usual I like to give my clients the best photographic experience I can. Therefore, I must take into consideration the seasonal weather and best locations for the job.

Below is an example from yesterdays shoot at Evenly Wood Gardens where the sun was beating down, thankfully we found some shade and better lighting conditions.

I will look forward to meeting the winner and her children next Sunday for her mini session and hope that I can capture something a little different to show you.

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Woodland photo shoot winner

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