I always get asked where the best locations for a brand shoot are!

As my brand photography sessions are bespoke to each of my clients, there is a “no size fits all” answer.

I get to know each person as well as possible before the session, and find communication is key!

It’s then that I will discuss, the best locations for each individual business.

As a rule of thumb, they are locations that show your how you run your business and live your lifestyle.

For a 3hr brand shoot I always ask my clients to choose 2 to 3 from our brainstorming.

As an example,…

Firstly, you need to record your place of work AND you at work. These can be used on your website and social media

Do you work in an office? Then some of your photographs should be taken in your office.

If you own a shop, then you should have photos taken in the shop.

Likewise, if you work in a studio then a portion of photos should be taken in the studio.

If you work from home, this is a great place to have your shoot. You can get your family and pets involved!

Your second option could be somewhere like a restaurant or a coffee shop.

Here you could have images of you and a potential client having a business’s meeting. Chatting with a client having a coffee, or maybe taking a zoom call.

Finally, you should be incorporating your lifestyle and hobbies into the session.

These are great for your socials and help people grow to know like and trust you.

Think about your lifestyle, do you play golf? Maybe you’re into sailing, maybe you enjoy shopping and eating out.

If you are outdoorsy, you could have a set of photographs in the great outdoors. In your favourite woodland or on your favourite walk.

Are you into health and wellbeing? Do you do yoga? Do you enjoy the gym?

Have a think and decide what are the best locations for your brand shoot. These places will show who you are and showcase your lifestyle.

Remember, a brand shoot is more than just a head shot, it can boost your confidence and help your online visibility.

People will buy from people, so let me help you tell your story and let them have a glimpse into your world.

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Until next time…

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