I love my job, but one of my all time favourite sessions is to photograph extended families.

It’s always a challenge getting big groups to look great in photos. But I actually really enjoy rallying around getting everyone organised and in position.

Biggest challenges can be grandparents who can’t walk too far and excited kids that haven’t seen their cousins in weeks.

I don’t charge any extra for more than one family like most photographers do. In fact, the more the merrier! Even pets are welcome…

What will happen on your extended family photo shoot?

First of all, we will choose a location that has a hand full of different backdrops, close together. That way we are not walking too far to get a variety of shots.

Below is a list of what I normally try to capture at each location.

  • A whole family group shot
  • Each individual family
  • The kids with the grandparents,
  • Kids together
  • The kids separately
  • If applicable any pets.

I also like to try and get at least one shot of each couple, then the older siblings together and another with parents.

But if there is anything else specific you want, just say and I will endeavour to fulfil all requests.

Did you know having an extended family photo shoot could even save you some money!

If you are wanting a family photo shoot yourself and can’t afford it at the moment. Why not get your siblings to club together to buy the session fee for a gift for a family member.

An extended family photo shoot voucher would make a great birthday, wedding anniversary, or Christmas present.

Then if each family set gets involved in the shoot, you can share the image collection cost too.

I always advise my extended family shoots to get their heads together to view the images, instead of buying a collection each.

If you club together to buy the whole collection and have four families paying, it only works out at £125 each.

For extended families that buy the whole collection, I also add a little extra gift for you too.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact me here.

Until next time…

Outdoor Family Photography in Northampton