Let’s talk Part Day Wedding Photography…

It’s getting a bit tough out there for us all, with prices rising and incomes not. In fact we are heading into the worst financial crisis in decades.

So, I thought I would remind everyone that I do offer part day wedding photography for couples who want beautiful quality, without the full day price.

This is a great way of recording your wonderful memories, without all the pomp and ceremony that wedding photography has become.

To put it bluntly, the media have whipped bride and grooms up into a frenzy of unnecessary needs and wants.

They produce lists in bridal magazines, like “the top MUST HAVE photos on your wedding day”.

Social media platforms like Insta and Pinterest share unrealistic ideas of “what you should expect from your wedding day”

I take on limited full day weddings now. Not because I don’t enjoy them, but because full day wedding photography has become so demanding.

Here’s a few things you need to decide before you book your wedding photographer…

Do you really want them turning up at 8am to stand around for hours shooting bridal prep. When in reality you only need a couple of touch up shots before you leave for the ceremony.

Question whether it’s a nice idea to have photos of your bridesmaids walking around half naked in the morning, their hair all over the place.

Decide if it’s important that a photographer stays until the end, recording images of drunken antics that you wouldn’t dare share with anyone.

26 years ago, when I got married a photographer turned up at the church and left after taking the confetti and group shots.

Believe it or not, Part Day Wedding Photography WAS NORMAL!

We got to choose 40 images for an album which was more than enough for us to record our special day.

Did we still love the photos of our special day? Of course we did!

I believe that now we are in a financial crisis, we all need to step back and decide what really is most important.

Do you really need 500+ digital images? When in reality, you won’t look back at them as much as you think you will.

I do worry we have lost sight of what weddings are about.

Surely it is about two people in love wanting to share their marriage with their nearest and dearest.

It shouldn’t be about how expensive the dress is, or how big the party is, or how many photos you get.

So, if you are looking for an award-winning wedding photographer with many years of experience, that can tailor a package to help you save some money.

You can find out more here.

I charge a set price of £175 per hour and depending on if there’s travel between the church and venue 3-4 hours should be quite acceptable.

For this you would get:

  • Groomsmen arrival at church, flowers, buttonholes, rings, and any group shots wanted.

  • Bride arrival at church, bride with bridal party and any specific group shots there.

  • Ceremony and signing of the register.

  • Confetti shot.

  • Any specific group shots in the churchyard or wedding venue.

  • Bride and Groom creative shots for the album or wall art.

  • Candid shots of guests and yourselves.

  • Possibly speeches if they are before the meal

If you are having a civil ceremony at a venue, I always suggest you do the speeches before you eat. That way I can cover those too and leave when you sit down.

You would receive approx 50 digital images per hour and I suggest 3-4 hours should cover the above photo list.

I also offer a range of bespoke Italian albums that you can add on before or after your special day.

To give you an idea, all images below are from my part day wedding photography collections

If part day wedding photography sounds a good idea to you, please contact me here.

Until next time…

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