Today I’m going to help you understand the key to the perfect photo shoot

The most common problem I encounter on a portraiture shoot, is actually overcoming the parent’s anxieties.

Things like “I’m worried the kids won’t behave” and “I hope the dogs don’t run off” are normal when you’re paying good money.

However, the one that tops all of those is “I’m not very photogenic and I hate having my picture taken.”

I think 90% of bookings I’ve taken so far, has started with this particular statement and I for one can totally understand.

The problem with adults is, we have grown to dislike certain parts of our bodies over time. Unfortunately, it is those hang-ups that jump out and shout “LOOK AT ME” when we view photos of ourselves.

For me it’s my chins! No matter how much people say “oh what a lovely photo!” I’m sat there thinking “Oh my goodness, where has my jaw gone?”

I can assure you that we are the only ones that see these imperfections.

Remember, everyone else takes the photo at face value, they take in the subjects and the surroundings as a whole.

Thankfully, children and pets don’t have the insecurities that adults do. They are carefree and just look at the shoot as a big adventure.

It doesn’t matter to me if your child is being a little monkey. There are ways around this and at the end of the day everyone loves a cheeky monkey.

Playing games of hide and seek and peekaboo, help your kids to relax and will provide a more natural shot.

Of course, dogs run off occasionally, but hey, they always come back again. AND, so what if they are wet or covered in mud. It’s not a disaster!

Some of my favourite images have been when a dog has jumped into a large puddle or river, it shows their character.

Here are my 10 things to think about and the key to a perfect photo shoot:

  • First and foremost is to find a photographer that puts you at ease. Give them a call if you are unsure, they will be glad to help.
  • Choose someone who works naturally outdoors where you can be yourself.  Suggest a location where you feel most comfortable.
  • Find someone who uses a long lens, that can capture you from a distance. 200mm means we are not sticking a camera close up to your face.
  • Wear something suitable for the location, comfortable, but that you also feel good in. For example, don’t turn up to a photo shoot in a forest with heels!
  • It normally takes a good 20 minutes for everyone to relax. So don’t worry that the kids seem frantic, they will calm down!
  • Try not to shout at your children. From experience, the more you get stressed the more they play up!
  • Make sure you like the photographers style. It’s no good using someone because they are cheap then being disappointed afterwards.
  • Make Sure you do your homework. Read the reviews of the photographer you have chosen, this will give you an insight to how they work.
  • Make sure you know the pricing structure and can afford any extra images. You don’t want to be disappointed by not being able to buy the ones you love.
  • If you are self-conscious, I suggest a shoot where you’re not confined to space or being told how to pose.

Last but not least, just remember photo shoots are done to capture a memory, a way to remember the story of your life.

The weather may not be great on the day, which in turn might make your hair frizzy.

Your kids might have gotten out of bed the wrong side, or your dog might be misbehaving.

It is not something you need to worry about, because these are everyday life experiences and a good photographer will still capture them in a way you will love.

If you are interested in a photo shoot with Wildgoose Photographics please feel free to contact me for more details.

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