My Sunday Photo

Photography is a lonely business…

We spend many an hour sat in front of a PC editing and doing boring office work. More so than people realise.

That is why every few months I like to get out and mix with like minded people and teach myself a few new tricks of the trade.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week I was at the Coventry Welcome Centre, for the Guild of Photographers Photohubs event.

A chance to see 10 speakers who give an hour talk on their specialist photography subject and the chance to book a longer three hour workshop with them too.

On the Wednesday night they held a party in the Guildhall, the most amazing building ever.

Although being nestled down a cobbled street, it is a mission for someone like me who doesn’t normally wear heels!

It was a great opportunity to see all my Guild friends and meet some more wonderful people.

I did a fascinating workshop with the wonderful Guy Gowan, editing and image processing genius.

His theory is more technical based and absolutely blows my mind! I am hoping one day I will never have to use a slider again and stop being a total wanger!

Just to recap a “wanger” is someone who just wangs the Lightroom/Photoshop sliders up and down while trying to achieve what they want.

Instead of learning the art of Photoshop and manually tweaking the RGB and CMYK colour channels to get the result needed.

I have only managed to put these photography skills to practice once as I have been busy, but you can see how clean the edit is. How true to life the colours are!

Below I have attached three images:

  1. SOC (straight out of camera)
  2. The new edit with Guys colour cleaning technique!
  3. My original edit

I’d be interested to know if you can see the difference and hear which you prefer the best 😊

Outdoor Family Photography in Northampton