The longest day has been and gone and people are starting to look towards their photo shoot this coming summer holiday.

So, now is a good time to give you some advice on what to wear on a summer photo shoot.

Things to remember this season.

The leaves in woodland are thick and lush, it can be dark, so light, and airy clothing are best.

We are in the UK, it can, and does still rain in the summer!

None of my Summer photo shoots are on hard standing ground, so make sure you wear sensible footwear.

High heels, wet ground and tree roots don’t mix. Remember you can still look good in flats.

Don’t wear bold patterns as they can draw the eye away from the subject. Instead wear plain fabric clothes.

If you are having an extended family shoot, get your heads together and try to match.

If you find this difficult and don’t want to buy something new, wear neutral colours that everyone has…

Try blue jeans, blue denim shorts, white shirt, white T shirt, white or blue dress or skirt.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to look great together, but it will make a difference to your images.

At some point I will have you sat down, whether its on the ground, a tree stump or a bench.

Bare that in mind if you are thinking of wearing white.

Here are a few of my favourite Summer Photo Shoot colours to wear.

White, cream, beige, lemon, light grey, baby blue or light pink.

Colours to avoid would be.

Black, dark brown, dark green, navy blue.

If you decide on a neutral colour theme, feel free to add a splash of colour with a neck scarf or sun hat. Flowers and flower crowns in hair also look cute.

I have shared a few Summer Photo Shoot clothing examples below.

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Until next time…

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