Now Winter is nearing the end, are you wondering what to wear on a Spring photo shoot?

Each season has its own set of complimenting colours.

Autumn is all about warmth and richness with the deep reds, oranges, mustards and browns.

Winter is all about the neutral tones of creams, beige and light blues with a splash of vibrant colour to brighten the landscape.

Summer is more forgiving of brighter colours with fuchsia pink, apple green, primrose yellow and sapphire blues.

But what do you wear on a spring photo shoot?

Spring is all about freshness, out with the old and in with the new. The leaves and grass are turning vivid green and the sun is starting to become harsh in the midday sky.

Pastels will work best for this specific season.

Neutrals like cream and beige are fantastic any time of the year. But beware of white.

White can sometimes be too bright when the sun is out and overexposed is never a good look!

If you are looking at a bluebell session, stick to light blues, pale yellows, blush pink, light greys or tan. These compliment the bright blues of the flowers and fresh green foliage.

Believe it or not it really does make a difference what you wear in any photo.

Here is a list of 10 things to think about on your Spring Photo Shoot:

  • If you can all colour match it is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you all wear contradicting colours your brain cannot figure out where it is supposed to be focusing.
  • Try not to wear patterns. Keeping your clothing nice and simple is key.
  • If you’re sticking to neutral colours, you can add a splash of brightness with a scarf, hat, or flower crown
  • Think about the weather on the day. Steer clear of white if it is bright sunshine and don’t wear heels if it’s been bad weather. Common sense is needed.
  • If it is showery, I have numerous umbrellas we can use.
  • Kids can still look cute in wellies! If it’s muddy don’t put them in their favourite footwear and then be mad when they get dirty.
  • I have a selection of props and flower crowns in the car, please say if you would like to use them. Or I’m happy for you to bring your own.
  • Always bring plenty of snacks for the little ones, but NOT CHOCOLATE! Chocolate is far too messy! Try something like crisps, bread sticks, banana or apple these are perfect.
  • If your bringing your fur baby, bring plenty of treats and their favourite squeaky toy to get their attention.
  • If you are still struggling why not take a look and see what to wear on your Spring Photo Shoot here.

Until next time…

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