The bluebells in Northampton are looking great at the moment. I am hoping for another three to four weeks’ worth of shoots before they disappear for another year.

Last week’s family photo sessions were chilly ones, the mud was up to our knees but at least the light was even. We all had fun and I only encountered one set of tears, when one little one fell into a puddle of cold wet mud.

Thankfully this was on the way back to the car and not on our way into the wood, which could have been disastrous.

I also had the most timid dog I’ve ever met. Winnie was a black poodle who was very wary of everyone and everything… Except sausages!

We managed to tempt old Winnie into a few different poses by bribing her with her most favourite snack, as you can see below. I was really happy with the outcome in the end and hope her owner is too.

The majority of my bluebell family photo shoots are with little ones, but occasionally I do get a set of older kids.

Last weekend on my last shoot of the day the kids were older. Thankfully not old enough to be self-conscious, but old enough to make my job easy by doing and sitting where I asked.

Not that I mind rolling around in the mud and acting a fool with the toddlers, it is all part of the challenge and I do love a challenge!

I also love the feeling of satisfaction when a shot looks amazing. When the light, the location and everything falls into place, it is the best feeling in the world.

To be able to hand over a gallery to a client and know I have given them a set of images they can cherish forever.

My bluebell family photo shoots were fully booked last weekend and today and I’m hoping to fill the last four spaces over the next three weeks too.

If you are interested in taking one of the remaining bluebell slots please inbox me as soon as possible.

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